Purchase of Ground

The fee for the purchase of ground depends on which cemetery is chosen, and where that cemetery is located. The cost to purchase ground in East Lothian is £815.00, Midlothian is £760.00, West Lothian is £531.03. Ground purchase costs in Edinburgh is considerably more expensive and is £1307.00.

Interment Fee

In addition to the fee to purchase the ground, there will be an interment fee which is as follows:
East Lothian: £765.00
Midlothian: £725.00
West Lothian: £506.87

Edinburgh: £1150.00

These fees for interment are for an adult. Reduced prices are applicable for a child. An additional sur-charge may be applicable for a burial on a Saturday or if the deceased was not a resident in the local area.

We regularly carry out woodland burials in Binning Memorial Wood. The costs for purchase and interment vary depending on your requirements, further details can be found on their website, or we would be happy to discuss the costs based on your requirements.

In addition to these fees, there will be costs to consider for a newspaper notice, flowers, and ministers fee or honorarium if required, the cost of a coffin, and the fees that are paid directly to us for the use of our services to arrange and conduct the funeral.

It is not uncommon for a funeral account for a burial in East Lothian to come to somewhere in the region of £4,000.00 - £5,600.00. Please contact us if you would like any further information, or would like a detailed estimate of the costs incurred. We would be pleased to help.

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